Give Me Seven Days! - Weekly Change Series Kickoff

Targeted, weekly challenges that help bolster you onward into health changes that hold the most power for you.

Not happy with your weight? Give me seven days. Not happy with your finances? Give me seven days. Not happy with your relationship? Give me seven days.

This idea drifted my way after I realized that most of the life and health changes people make only last about 1-2 weeks. In fact, most health changes I have personally undertaken would only last a few weeks.

Why the impermanence? Well, does it even matter? Shouldn't we make the change anyway - knowing it may not last forever? We can still recognize it's worth it to be a "doer" rather than just swiping, bookmarking, subscribing and liking our lives away.

I want to use this lack-of-permanence toward change to our advantage. And so, the idea for a weekly change series was born! Let's take changes one week at a time.

Each week - my goal is to pose a weekly change that you can challenge yourself to do - just for seven days - to create a positive impact on your life. Some of them are super easy - and you may already be doing them, or have done them in the past.

Some of them are hard. At least, they were for me. (This is beet juice, btw.)

Weekly Change Series1

Which brings me to this - I have done each and every one of these changes for a week, or often longer. I can vouch for my personal experiences with each of these behavior-mods. Some of them have really changed my life, my finances, and my health. But I want to hear from you too!

After each week - let's be scientific together and investigate if anything good happened as a result of the change - before moving on to the next one! And there's only one rule. Do this change for the ENTIRE seven days. Don't miss a day! Keep this one promise to yourself - even if you fail all the other promises you made during the week.

Suggestion - don't do more than a single challenge at once. Write your week-mod on the calendar just for seven days only. Don't extend it longer unless the first seven days are over! Then you can decide if it's something you want to continue for another 7 days.

Ready for the first week-mod? Check your email tomorrow - each Saturday morning you'll get your next 7-day challenge. Hold tight - it's a good one and an EASY one.

Let's change our lives together. One week at a time.

Cheers, loves! - Joy the RD.

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