Day 24 - Shop the Perimeter of your Grocery Store

Around the outskirts of the grocery store you can find all you need for your best health. Day 24 - shop the perimeter of your grocery store can help you stay away from center aisles which normally display largely processed foods.

You can skip the cookies, crackers, chips, cereals, gravies, soups, candy, sodas, and other boxed items with surprisingly lengthy shelf lives.

Instead the perimeter of the store usually contains a round of fresh fruit and vegetables, salad greens, unprocessed fresh meats, seafood, and dairy products.

When you're thinking of planning a meal, challenge yourself to do so using only foods found in the perimeter of the store.

This one challenge alone will help you lean toward more from-scratch cooking - which means less preservatives and lower calorie and sodium content than ready-to-eat items.

Alright, go take a lap!

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