Day 16 - Have an Alcohol Free Day

Love on your liver and kidneys a little today and have an alcohol-free day. Yes, it's Saturday, and many social activities include the best of brews, vinos, or fine spirits. But let's see how you fare with just a seltzer and lime.

Alcohol brings weight loss to a halt. Your liver recognizes ETOH (ethanol) as a major threat to the body, and kicks metabolism of that alcohol into high gear. This brings other cellular processes like fat burn, metabolism of proteins, chemicals, and creation of valuable enzymes to a stop.

If you are a rare drinker, this is likely no problem for you. If you are a social/weekend drinker only - this may be slightly more difficult. It's just one day, though, and the purpose of this mini challenge is just that - to challenge you.

Take the challenge, and keep in mind there will be plenty of future opportunities to have a social drink.

If you do choose to drink on another day - support your liver with botanical supplements like dandelion, artichoke extract, and milk thistle. Purchase a blend of these here. B-Vitamins such as thiamin and choline can help prevent damage to the liver caused by ongoing alcohol consumption.

For today, drink something other than your favorite adult beverage. See how liberated feels - rather than libated.

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