Day 14 - Skip Pasta - Take a Noodle Free Day

Step aside Olive Garden. Move over udon noodles. Just for today. These daily challenges are designed to help you consider making this change for a single day. Whether you continue them for longer than that is up to you!

Being mindful of large doses of carbohydrates is helpful in your journey toward better health.

Unless you are running marathons, large bowls of refined pasta or noodles is not something your body needs. Your body releases insulin (a hormone released upon carbohydrate and sugar consumption) following a high-starch meal, where much of it will be converted to fat by the liver and stored inside fat cells. That is, unless you are burning it off with exercise.

Insulin resistance is a metabolic state where insulin doesn't do its job properly and often leads to even more weight gain with starchy, carbohydrate laden foods.

For an easy replacement - try zucchini noodles, or mushroom based Shirataki noodles.

Happy Noodlelessness!

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