Day 13 - Eat 3 Meals and 2 Snacks today!

"Breakfast like a King, lunch like a Queen, dinner like a Pauper." Add in 2 snacks and you've got a great eating pattern that will serve you up steady energy levels and provide balanced eating opportunities.

Eating approximately every 2-3 hours can help you stay ahead of hunger, and allow you to consume smaller meals and avoid stretching your stomach - which might lead to needing more food at one time to feel "full".

There are few better ways to boost your metabolism than to eat healthy meals and snacks spread throughout the day. This pattern will help you stay ahead of your hunger.

While it may require a little extra planning and packing a couple of snacks to take with you - making sure you avoid going long periods of time without eating can help you avoid afternoon energy slumps.

A lot of clients ask me if there is a certain time that they should stop eating at the end of the day, and my answer is always, "No, just try to avoid going to sleep on a very full stomach - wait about an hour after eating before you lay down." This helps ensure that your stomach and digestive tract have the benefit of gravity to help keep stomach juices securely within the stomach and avoid any reflux.

If you are eating 5 times during the day, you will likely find that you don't need any thing at nighttime before bed. If you find you do need an extra something to snack on - try a small amount of peanut butter. Peanut butter contains tryptophan, which is an amino acid your body uses to produce melatonin - a natural sleep hormone.

Remember, aim to eat every 2-3 hours, and stay ahead of hunger.

For the full 30-day Mini Challenge click here.

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