Day 9 - Make your Freezer Dessert Free

Day 9 - 30 Day Mini Challenge

Set the stage for success - make your freezer dessert free. Yes that means you ice cream, fudge pops, frozen pies or custards, tiramisu.

Alas, we must let these items go. Let them go.

Set some #freezergoals for your icebox. Make everything inside foods that contribute to your health.

Parting with foods that make you unwell and serve as roadblocks to your health is an essential part of overhauling your lifestyle. If there is no ice cream in your freezer - it won't be able to call to you at night.

That changes the battlefield site from your home to the grocery store. Creating an environment that serves your health goals in specific areas of your home will pave the way for better choices day in, and day out.

To download a copy of the full 30 day Mini Challenge click here.

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