Why You Need to Love on Your Liver Today

Love on your Liver - How to Achieve True Detox

When it comes to supporting your organs, your liver may not be first on the list. We probably all think about our stomachs, lungs, maybe our skin or eyes, and likely most of us think about our hearts – especially when it begins to beat faster!

Though the liver may be nearly last on the list of vital organs to pay much attention to for anyone aside from physicians, your liver serves the body with crucial, life-saving functions, like detoxifying from chemicals, medications, and old hormones, as well as keeping your blood sugar and iron levels stable, and keeping your protein, electrolyte, and vitamin levels where they should be in your bloodstream.

Also, when it comes to detoxing – your liver is king.

Detox is a buzz-word that means many different things depending on the individual. It could mean fasting, it could mean drinking more green smoothies, it could even be associated with taking a laxative.

True detoxification only happens when your liver has the necessary nutrients to do its job properly.

First, your liver requires dietary protein – either meat-based or plant-based proteins – to create enzymes (like cytochrome P-450s) that carry out all the details with detox. If you’re eating too little protein, you may not be getting all the essential amino acids required to truly detoxify your body.

Second, your liver requires specific ingredients that allow it to complete the stages of detoxification, to allow harmful chemicals to be easily pulled out and eliminated from the body.

Your liver is ridiculously cool. It has a few stages of detoxification, some which are easy to accomplish and others where your liver could use a little extra help.

Stage 1 liver detox requires a variety of B-vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes, which are present in the average healthy diet in sufficient quantities to maintain this function.

Further, stage 2 liver detox is slightly more elusive, and requires plant-compounds such as silymarin, from milk thistle, and polysaccharides from dandelion root and artichoke leaf. Curcuminoids, like those present in turmeric root, also play a vital role in liver detox.

Compounds present in grapefruit also supports the liver in breakdown of a variety of medications.

Grapefruit for Detox

Most of us may make a face at the thought of eating dandelion root or milk thistle leaves, and the teas made from these plants are tolerable, though by no means delicious.

Taking a supplement that supports your liver in the stages of detox is a good idea, especially if you consume alcohol.

Drinking alcohol in moderation (one glass/day for women, two glasses/day for men) has some health benefits, especially if it is wine. However, the liver is responsible for breaking down the majority of ethanol consumed. Alcohol is an immediate toxin to the body, and reduces nerve and organ function almost immediately upon entering the bloodstream.

For this reason, the liver will abandon all other processes and recruit all enzymes to break down this ethanol. If you drink alcoholic beverages daily, it’s a good idea to support your liver daily too.

It’s important to mention that supporting your liver in the breakdown of toxins also means that certain medications are more likely to be metabolized more quickly. If you are taking certain medications, such as Coumadin, acetaminophen, or oral contraceptives – ask your doctor before drinking teas or taking supplements containing ingredients for liver detox.

Ingredients That Show Love to your Liver

Ingredients below are vital for your liver to truly detoxify your body.

Milk Thistle Extract (silymarin)

Dandelion Root

Artichoke leaf

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Turmeric (curcuminoids)

Beet Root

Green Tea (ECGC)

Red Clover Extract


Oregon Grape Root

At Joyful Apricot Nutrition – I like to make it easy for people to implement health changes, which is why I scoured for the best health supplements to make life easy for my clients.

Below are two supplements that contain the ingredients to promote detoxification of the liver from a variety of toxins. They can be taken with food up to two times daily to promote liver detox. Happy Detoxing!

For liver detox, try either WING MAN or DAILY CLEANSE. Click on the image below to view more details and to purchase!

Wing Man Liver Detox

Daily Cleanse for Liver Detox


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