Best Nutrition Goal You Will Ever Make

Best Nutrition Goal You Will Ever Make

New Year's is the time for goal-setting and (hopefully) goal-reaching for the lucky, gritty, few to stick with their personal goals.

That's because most of us make goals - especially nutrition-related ones - that can be nearly impossible to achieve. Most of the time, they are simply too big, too far-reaching to accomplish without some major lifestyle overhauling.

I'm here to announce the absolute best nutrition goal you will ever make. In your entire lifetime.

This is a goal that will help you prevent certain cancer, chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and decreases your likelihood of ever having a stroke.

If this goal sounds pretty powerful, you're reading this correctly.

If you want better regularity with digestion, clearer skin, more energy, and - last but not least - even a longer life, you'll want to ensure that you set this nutrition goal, and stick with it.

So without further ado, the best nutrition goal you can make is as follows.

Best Nutrition Goal You Will Ever Make

Get 5 servings of Vegetables and Fruits Every Day.

Get 5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day. You may have heard this before (thanks, mom). Sounds simple right? But stop, think back on today or yesterday. Can you count back, ponder, if you actually ate 5 servings of fruits and veggies? Can you name each individual food? If you ate a large salad, it may count as 2 servings. Did you get 3 more?

So what counts as a serving of vegetable or fruit? Glad you asked. Though this is by no means a comprehensive list, it will get you started on your way to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

How to Get 5 servings of Vegetables and Fruits Every Day.

As a general rule, 1 cup of fruit or 100% fruit juice, or ½ cup of dried fruit can be considered as 1 cup from the Fruit Group. However, most dietitians and nutritionists will likely discourage you from drinking too much fruit juice, due to its high sugar content.

What Counts for a Single Fruit Serving

Apple ½ large (3 ¼" diameter)

1 small (2 ¼" diameter)

1 cup, sliced or chopped, raw or cooked

Applesauce 1 cup

Banana 1 cup, sliced

1 large (8" to 9" long)

Cantaloupe 1 cup, diced or melon balls

Grapes 1 cup, whole or halved

32 seedless small grapes

Grapefruit 1 medium (4" diameter)

1 cup, sections

Mixed fruit 1 cup, diced or sliced, raw or canned, drained

Orange 1 large (3 1/16" diameter)

1 cup, sections

Peach 1 large (2 ¾" diameter)

1 cup, sliced or diced, raw, cooked, or canned, drained

2 halves, canned

Pear 1 medium pear (2 ½ per lb)

1 cup, sliced or diced, raw cooked, or canned, drained

Pineapple 1 cup, chunks, sliced or crushed, raw, cooked or canned, drained

Plum 1 cup, sliced raw or cooked

3 medium or 2 large plums

Strawberries About 8 large berries

1 cup, whole, halved, or sliced, fresh or frozen

Watermelon 1 small (1" thick)

1 cup, diced or balls

Dried fruit (raisins, prunes, apricots, etc.) ½ cup dried fruit

What counts for 1 Vegetable Serving

Generally speaking, 1 cup of raw or cooked vegetables or vegetable juice, or 2 cups of raw leafy greens can be considered as 1 serving from the vegetable group. Try and add one serving from each of the color groups for your best health.


Broccoli 1 cup, chopped or florets 3 spears 5" long raw or cooked

Greens (collards, mustard greens, turnip greens, kale) 1 cup, cooked

Spinach 1 cup, cooked

2 cups, raw

Leafy greens: Romaine, watercress, dark green leafy lettuce, endive, escarole 2 cups, raw


Carrots 1 cup baby carrots (about 12) or 2 medium sized carrots

Pumpkin 1 cup, mashed, cooked

Red peppers 1 cup, chopped, raw, or cooked

1 large pepper (3" diameter, 3 3/4" long)

Tomatoes 1 large raw whole (3")

1 cup, chopped or sliced, raw, canned, or cooked

Tomato juice 1 cup

Sweet potato 1 large baked (2 ¼" or more diameter)

1 cup, sliced or mashed, cooked

Winter squash 1 cup, cubed, cooked

(acorn, butternut, hubbard)

Dry beans and peas 1 cup, whole or mashed, cooked

(such as black, garbanzo, kidney, pinto, or soy beans, or black-eyed peas or split peas) .


Corn, yellow or white 1 large ear (8") or 1 cup kernels

Green peas 1 cup

White potatoes 1 cup, diced, mashed

1 medium boiled or baked potato (2 ½" to 3" diameter)


Bean sprouts 1 cup, chopped or shredded raw or cooked

Cabbage, green 1 cup, pieces or florets raw or cooked

Cauliflower 1 cup, diced or sliced, raw or cooked

Celery 2 large stalks (11" to 12" long)

Cucumbers 1 cup, raw, sliced or chopped

Green or wax beans 1 cup, cooked

Green, red, yellow bell pepper 1 cup, chopped, raw or cooked

1 large pepper (3" diameter, 3 ¾" long)

Lettuce, iceberg or head 2 cups, raw, shredded or chopped

Mushrooms 1 cup, raw or cooked

Onions 1 cup, chopped, raw or cooked

Summer squash or zucchini 1 cup, cooked, sliced or diced

Happy Fruiting! Happy Vegging, too!


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