How to Grow and Eat Beets

In early spring - I was on a beet juice kick from our local Albany, GA juice bar, The Juice Box. I mean, twice a week I darkened their doorstep requesting one of the amazing freshly juiced beet drinks. Some had ginger and orange added, and all of them are just amazing.

I brought some 'We got the beet' flavored freshly juiced beet drink to share with co-workers, and there were some who entertained my beet-craze and others who politely declined that 'dirt'. Nobody seemed to love it as much as me, fancy that.

There was so much love for beets growing in my heart that I decided to grow them in a raised garden bed, right in my own backyard.

For a while, I've suspected that beets are the new kale in the health food world. Gimme those plant-nitrates from beets, ya'll! So good for blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, and circulation. Even the athletes are using them as natural performance enhancers.

I scoured the internet for tips on how to grow great beets, and most people said they were relatively easy to grow. I found some of David's Detroit beetroot seeds on Amazon that seemed just the right variety. I also planted some rainbow beets. And just like that - in my own backyard - with little-to-no effort, the beets grew and were ready for harvest. I did not have to spray any pesticides or do any maintenance other than water them during dry weeks. Truly a beet-iful harvest!

The number one comment I usually hear about beets and why people don't like them is usually something along the lines of "They taste like earth and dirt." On some occasions, I have to agree, and I feel this happens when they are not prepared well, or maybe you picked up a canned brand - though I love canned beets too.

I was very worried this would be the case for my own garden-grown beets, especially if I missed some key fertilizer or didn't get the watering just right. But they turned out so delicious and tender and sweet as candy! Seriously there was little-to-no effort involved in growing great beets.

If you cook beets and marinate them in a beautiful apple cider vinegar dressing like this recipe from Simply Recipes, undoubtedly you will have a purply-red tongue that's begging for more!

First, I trimmed the tops off (I do not love beet greens, so help me God), and thoroughly scrubbed to remove all dirt and hairy roots.

Then I boiled them for about 35 minutes, doused them in cool water and the skins peeled off so easily in my hands without any real "peeling" effort needed.

After peeling them, I cut them into bite-sized pieces. (Yes it may look a little murderous when you are finished, all that beautiful sweet beet juice will be everywhere.)

Using the recipe from Simply Recipes above, I kid you not, my eyes rolled back into my head with the sheer pleasure of tasting these delicious beets!

I jarred up the extra to store in the fridge for a few days. My husband is begging me to save him some, because I could sit here and eat all of them one delicious sweet bite at a time.

Seriously. Don't they look like gemstones? I see rubies.

Go grow some beets. You will not regret it. Beets are definitely the new Kale.

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